‘Making A Murderer’ is overhyped pish.

What happens when you take on the law and win? Steven Avery was wrongly convicted – set up, even – for rape in 1985. Now, on the outside, he and his cohort of making-a-murderer-netflix-posterimpressive civil rights lawyers try to sue the people who put him behind bars.

This hit 10-part series for Netflix presents Avery as an angel, and not a serial burglar, nor the type of person to douse his cat in petrol and set it alight. Yet, he did, and he confesses to this – Steven Avery always confesses to his crimes.

The film makers build up your trust by talking about the rape conviction, and demonstrating – as his lawyers did in court on many occasions – that he was innocent. There’s no room for any other viewpoint in this classic tale of good versus evil. A good guy was screwed over. He was jailed. He was released. And now, like all good stories, he’s going to get the bad guys. Oh, the cat thing? That’s just ‘stupid stuff’.

Everyone seems on his side, he rocks up at civic functions and the local politicians all queue up for a picture with him in his biker jacket. They name a law after him. The police auditors clear the men who prosecuted him, but their insurers say that the men involved are on their own if Avery’s lawsuit is successful.

And then a photographer goes missing after meeting Avery. Soon enough, the focus turns to poor old Steven. He’s innocent, obviously – remember, he always confesses to his crimes. His lawyer says something about warning Steven that he might get framed for murder, and that’s it. It’s a well executed device to keep you watching – the first episode is free on YouTube, but the remaining nine are behind the high paywalls of the Netflix empire.

This should probably be called Making A Killing.


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